Driving Charges

Driving charges affect Canadians more than any other category of criminal charge. One drink too many, an error in judgment or momentary inattention can result in disastrous consequences and a criminal prosecution.

Vancouver criminal lawyer, Patrick Fagan, has secured verdicts of not guilty for hundreds of persons charged with impaired driving, over .08 and refusing to blow. He has also secured not guilty verdicts for persons charged with impaired driving and criminal negligence causing bodily harm and death. Some of these cases have been fought before Judges sitting alone and others before Juries. Examples of success and high profile cases of this nature are as evidenced in the media coverage hereunder.

Accused walks in car death
Top court rules RCMP breached rights of accused impaired driverTop court rules RCMP breached rights of accused impaired driver
Police must allow hospitalized drunk drivers the right to seek counsel: Supreme Court rulesDrunk driver should have been allowed to talk to lawyer before blood test, top court rules

 For a list of driving offence cases successfully defended by Patrick Fagan in 2014, click here. 


Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.  Every case is unique and outcomes will vary accordingly.

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