Drug Charges

Defending drug prosecutions is arguably an area of expertise within the general practice of criminal law. Drug investigations tend to be more sophisticated and the resulting prosecutions more complex than many other criminal proceedings. If you are charged with a drug offence chances are you will be facing a federal drug prosecutor well acquainted with the peculiar dynamics of a drug case. In choosing a lawyer to defend a drug prosecution there is no substitute for experience. Succinctly put, you need to hire the best Vancouver criminal lawyer you can find.

Patrick Fagan has a unique and diverse background from which to draw in defending drug prosecutions. He is the only criminal lawyer in Vancouver (or elsewhere in Canada) with 5 years experience as an RCMP drug investigator. Before entering law school Patrick Fagan had extensive training and experience in conventional criminal investigations, undercover techniques, wiretapping, interrogation, search warrant preparation and execution, surveillance and witness preparation.

Patrick Fagan’s experience as a drug investigator resulted in his testimony being accepted as that of an expert in Provincial Court and Superior Court in matters of drug use and trafficking.

The Bottom Line Is This…

For 5 years Patrick Fagan’s professional life was devoted to putting drug cases together; the last 25 years have been devoted to taking drug cases apart. He has successfully defended hundreds of drug cases all across this country ranging from simple possession to wholesale importation.

Vancouver criminal lawyer, Patrick Fagan, does not act for the Crown in criminal prosecutions.  While he has the utmost respect for those lawyers who choose to act as part-time prosecutors, Mr. Fagan’s practice is entirely devoted to the defense of criminal prosecutions.


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Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.  Every case is unique and outcomes will vary accordingly.

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