Roots In British Columbia

Vancouver criminal lawyer, Patrick Fagan, was born in Wells, British Columbia where his father and grandfather were part of BC’s rich, gold mining heritage. His father Roger Fagan was a diamond driller and explosives expert; his grandfather Steve Surinak was a mine shaft operator and foreman. Both men mined gold in Wells during the 2nd Caribou Gold Rush of 1930-1967.

The mine would close long before Patrick would have an opportunity to pursue his gold mining heritage. At the age of 15, however, he would learn the meaning of hard work while pounding spikes and laying track in Northern British Columbia for the Pacific Great Eastern Railway. Not surprisingly, while crawling around under derailed boxcars with a shovel in 40 below weather, Patrick became convinced of the value of a good education.

Patrick is the father of 5 children. He is an avid sailor and during the summer months he can usually be found navigating the Pacific waters off the coast of Vancouver. He also has a passion for history, motorcycles and vintage performance cars.

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