11. Regina v. J.C. [Provincial Court of Alberta, Medicine Hat – July, 2013]

In March 2013 members of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (“CFSEU”) received information from a confidential source that J.C. was selling ecstasy and cannabis marijuana in Medicine Hat. Based on this information CFSEU began a drug investigation into the alleged illegal activities of J.C. During the course of surveillance CFSEU observed what they believed to be activity consistent with drug activity so they stopped J.C.’s motor vehicle. A search of that motor vehicle revealed the presence of a quantity of cannabis marijuana, psilocybin and cash. The police thereafter obtained and executed a warrant to search the home of J.C. where they seized a further quantity of psilocybin, cannabis resin, cocaine, cannabis marijuana, cash and related drug trafficking paraphernalia (i.e.: packaging materials, heat sealer and “scoresheets”).

As a consequence of the foregoing the police charged J.C. with possession of cannabis marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, three counts of possession of a controlled substance and possession of proceeds of crime. Bottom line: we were successful in resolving this most serious prosecution by way of a guilty plea three counts of simple possession of a controlled substance and a moderate fine. All other charges (including the much more serious charge of possession for the purpose of trafficking) were completely withdrawn.