5. Regina v. S.M.R. [Provincial Court of Alberta, Calgary – February 2013]

SMR was driving home after attending a family function in downtown Calgary when she inadvertently turned the wrong way onto a one way street. As chance would have it the police observed this maneuver and promptly activated their emergency lights and pulled SMR to the side of the road. In keeping with SMR’s good luck streak when the police ran her name on the system they discovered an outstanding warrant for her arrest in connection with some b.s. bylaw infraction. So . . . the police placed SMR under arrest and during the course of a search of her person they located multiple tablets of morphine. Consequently, SMR was charged with possession of a controlled substance and her career as a professional musician was placed on the line. A plea of not guilty was entered to the charge and a trial date scheduled. On the date scheduled for trial arrangements were made whereby the charge against SMR was to be completely withdrawn.