4. Regina v. M.S.R.[Provincial Court of Alberta, Calgary – February 2013]

As a result of information provided by a so-called reliable confidential informant the police conducted an investigation into the alleged drug trafficking activity of MSR and others. Extensive police surveillance culminated in the execution of three separate warrants to search. The police seized a substantial quantity of cocaine (approximately 1 pound), several thousand dollars in cash and multiple weapons including a sawed off shotgun and a sub-machine gun. MSR was charged with 19 separate counts including possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking and firearms/weapons offences. As MSR had prior convictions for trafficking in cocaine (not our case by the way) and was already prohibited by court order from possessing firearms and weapons the stakes were extremely high. We elected trial by way of Queen’s Bench and scheduled a 3 day preliminary inquiry. Bottom line: During the afternoon of the first day of the preliminary inquiry this most serious prosecution was resolved (at least against our client) by way of a complete withdrawal of all charges.